My name is Tom Holz. I’ve always been an introverted person, and a pretty nerdy engineer, but four years ago, I made a conscious effort to learn the principles and techniques of professional networking. And it changed my life.

After several months of networking, I got invited to interview with a top management consulting firm, starting from LinkedIn cold-calls, despite being a public-sector defense engineer with a niche technical background and a state college education.

I also figured out how to apply the principles of networking to revamp my personal and romantic life. I feel silly admitting this–and a little embarrassed. However, it’s had a material impact on my life, and I want to be frank and about my experience.

Those successes gave me the confidence to go back to school for an MBA, which led to a whole new set of amazing relationships and experiences, which have transformed my professional career goals and personal life goals completely.

But this is an About page, so enough about networking for now. (I’m distilling what I’ve learned into a short video course, which you’re welcome to check out). In the meantime, here are a few factoids to break the ice:

  • I was born in the midwest, outside Chicago, but I grew up in Saudi Arabia, and went to high school and college in central Florida, although I’m in New England now.
  • I’ve hiked about 7,500 miles up and down the United States on the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail.
  • I have been to Burning Man six times, starting in 2005, and have been part of some amazing projects & teams along the way.
  • I model underwater sound and submarine sonar for the U.S. Navy, because everyone needs a day job.
  • I just finished an MBA at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business–and it was a more transformative experience than I expected.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of who I am. If you want to know more, here are a couple options:

Read more about my background

Contact me

Check out the networking project I’m working on